Art of Inspiration Group Show

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 4, 7-9 pm

Moderated by Vladimir Andreev


New York, New York – artists have a group exhibition “The Art of Inspiration”. They will represent contemporary art in recent years. Along with the exhibition, we are introducing the latest catalogs, published by Andreeva, Inc.: the catalog of the Robert Rothschild collection, the catalog “The Art of Inspiration”, the catalog of Alexander Vishnevetsky’s paintings, drawings and translation into the English language of the author.

Arthur Rambo, 1854-1891, French poet, provided that the ammunition for artistic and philosophical rebellion, when he said that beauty was sitting on his knees, and he was tired of it. The beauty that Rimbaud has in mind is the classic, traditional, academic, 2500-year-old, concept of beauty that has been widespread in art and civilization throughout the history of the Western world. Rimbaud’s statement (and others similar in philosophy to him) encouraged artists to explore new beauty ideas, often using different aesthetic systems for the next 140 years. Influential movements such as Cubism, Dadaism, expressionism, non-objective art, painting action, abstract expression, performing arts, lands of art, many installations for art exhibitions, art exhibitions Technological erosions are the traditional elements of classical art in varying degrees and significance. Of course, many other movements during this period of time were based on traditional artistic values and aged, being able to withstand the image of beauty. However, many artists feel that there are too few old meanings displayed in some modern art exhibitions. I state this in fact and do not discuss whether there is a “right / wrong” or “good / bad” context for this consideration.

However, these seven artists who are exhibited at the Salomon Art Gallery at 83 Leonard Street in New York, whom I will refer to as the art of the Inspiration of the Brotherhood, have as their common denominator the belief in the plastic values of fine art, spatiality, pictorial form , Whether the color is naturalistic or expressionistic, modeling shapes and shapes with light and shade to create volume and three-dimensional depth, perspective and various composite elements, they are all used by these seven artists to create a traditional but elegantly refined, time-tested vision of beauty. Beauty comes in thousands of shapes, shapes and sizes, but every artist in this “Brotherhood” uses classical methods to achieve his own concept of beauty.
Artists in this art of inspiration of the Brotherhood are all passionate about their art. They are forced to draw, write poetry, make pastels, take photographs, sketch or even create books and catalogs, because they are motivated by the desire to create and their love for art. They seek beauty in their images and proudly share them with the rest of the world. These artists are all very happy when they create their beautiful images. They want viewers to explore, enjoy and react to their colors and content. Their art does not torment them, but rather, it fuels, convenience, fulfills and completes them.

About the artists

Vladimir Andreev is a publisher, designer, photographer and collector of works of art. He was born in Sychevka, (Russia), and spent more than 22 years in show business as an actor and producer. After 30 years of life in Moscow, Vladimir moved to New York with his family. He graduated from FIT with the degree of Advertising Designer. In 2005, Vladimir assembled a team of artists and photographers – “Art of Inspiration – Vladimir Andreev and his Friends.” The organization has united more than 120 people around the world. The Art of Inspiration group conducts international cooperation among artists and photographers from many countries of the World. Vladimir Andreev is a photographer who has international awards and prestigious publications in newspapers, magazines and catalogs. His works are in private collections in Russia, France, Denmark, Sweden and the United States.

Artem Mirolevich was born in Belarus and his family moved to the States in 1993, soon entered the School of Visual Arts in New York, and received a scholarship from the Department of Illustration. In 1999 he graduated with a bachelor in fine arts and illustrations. His paintings, drawings and collages, created with a comparison of different environments and means of his artistic expression. Artem created a new world within each frame. His paintings depict ancient civilizations, philosophy, modern society, as well as what it provides for the future.

Lidia Chepovetskaya was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and moved to the States with her family in 1988, she holds a master’s degree as a mechanical engineer and worked for many industrial companies in the United States. After several years of studying at Rudy DePaoli, the art studio began attending classes in the League of Art Students from New York. In her paintings she tries to use a natural, radiant light to everything that surrounds her life with love for nature and people.
Alexander Reese was born in Moscow (Russia). He was educated at the Gnessin Institute and received a doctorate and started a musical career. Dr. Reese became a professor of viola and chamber music at the same institute, and performers in major orchestras around the world. In 1993, he moved to the United States and settled in New York continuing his career as a solo and chamber musician, as well as the orchestra player. For many years he created a large series of landscapes, sketches and paintings of great cities. In 2003 he published the book “Moscow-New York-Moscow”, which was very successful at the International Non-Gaming Book Exhibition in Moscow.

Alexander Vishnevetsky was born in Kiev (Ukraine). He spent the last 22 years working in information technology in New York and New Jersey. His inspiration is to draw and write continuously to bend his passion and love for the history of art and literature. He believes that the recognition of beauty enriches our lives and that helps others see that beauty is a privilege, that the artist is blessed. Alexander Vyshnevetsky follows the traditions of expressionism in his art, depicting representative objects in unconventional ways and using colors, forms and compositions, in an exaggerated, intensive way to emphasize the emotional qualities of images.

Alevtina Ignatieva was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She received a diploma from St. Petersburg College. Alevtina was in the US since 1978. Currently she is used as the chief engineer for the Commission of Bridges and Tunnels. Alevtina is an artist and designer. She participated in more than 40 exhibitions in New York and New Jersey. Two solo exhibitions: one in the fleet of the Bank, Jersey City in April 2000, and another “Art Mosaic Show” at the City Hall Rotunda Gallery in Jersey City in January 2002. Alevtina participated five times in the exhibition of the Cathedral Arts Festival. She is an active member of the artist’s club in the gallery on the top floor in Hudson County, New Jersey. She received three awards when she exhibited at the 49th, 50th and 52nd annual regional art exhibitions at the Public Library Gallery in Bayon, New Jersey.

Irina Savina was born in Grodno. A small, ancient western Belarusian town on the banks of the Neman. All childhood, how many remembers herself, ran and jumped. She could not walk at a walk. At the same time all the time singing something – out loud or to myself. At the age of six Irina was sent to study in Minsk, to the republican school for gifted children. The school had 2 departments – music and art. 11 years of study, then a conservatory in violin. And then the Belarusian State Radio and Television. Music edition. Own programs, shooting scenes and documentaries. TV and radio campaign WORLD. I won the Green card. At the end of 1999, she moved with her family to America. She worked on almost all radio and television in New York. Since 2011, I head the advertising department on NTV-America. I always wanted to draw, but I was afraid to approach it. It seemed to Irina that it was very difficult. Once I opened the Internet, I found a photo of the poppies and copied it. My family vigorously supported her hobby. This encouraged, and she became bolder. Irina likes the dynamics in the paintings, that’s why she admires the works, in which there is movement and life.

Vasily Koldin was born in the village of Inyakino, Ryazan region (Russia). Higher education – Moscow Art and Industrial School Stroganov. Member of the Creative Union of Artists “Meshchera”, Union of Designers of the Russian Federation, artist, teacher, public figure, director of the Ryazan Art College. GK Wagner, has the title of “Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.” Author of numerous projects in the field of fine arts in Ryazan, Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, France (Brussels), Germany (Munster) .The author of new methods of teaching drawing, painting, composition The main type of art is easel abstract painting.The works are in the Ryazan Art Museum named after IPPozoastin, private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Israel and the USA.

Mikhail Zvyagin is a classic type of a separately standing artist. His professional career began as a textile artist, quickly achieving professional success. Today, very few people remember the subculture of the Art Funds with their orders, advice and final product – state objects, totally, lengthwise and lengthwise, cultivated by artists of decorative and decorative art. New – the main period in the work of Mikhail Zvyagin begins in the 80’s. It starts abruptly, violently, unexpectedly. It is difficult to imagine that a successful fifty-year-old artist of decorative and applied art, a painter who is independent enough in relation to the institutions existing in the official art, but quite fit into the professional context, is capable of such a radical gesture.
Bulat Kitaev graduated from the Art Institute. VI Surikova, Moscow, Russia with a master’s degree in art. In 1991 he worked in Finland for private clients, painted family portraits and landscapes. In 2005, he graduated from New York College with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a master’s degree in acupuncture and public health. Throughout all these years he remained an enthusiastic artist and my desire to continue to create art. His work focuses on capturing the beauty of life in combination with the endless movement of life energy. Each picture is a unique experiment, trying to understand the real beauty of the world, filled with depth, emotions and movements associated with positive energy, paying close attention to detail. He developed a unique style based on the principles of traditional European art, mixed with oriental philosophies that explain the circulation of vital energy.

Matvey Basov was born in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. He studied art at the Minsk Art College. He matured as an artist, with Soviet propaganda. That’s why it’s amazing that his unique art, especially Jewish traditional images, came to us. Matvey Basov is an artist-philosopher who tries to convey to us positive feelings and thoughts through his symbols and insights. Intensive technique Basova: bright lights, clean colors and layers of paint – creates a huge impression on the audience.
Igor Tulipanov is one of the few artists who treat the painting as a medicine a few centuries ago. Sometimes he spends several years on one painting. He was born in 1939, pre-war Soviet Leningrad and brought up his mother. His father was killed at the beginning of the Second World War. Young Tulipov studied at the Polytechnic Institute as an engineer, but soon he learned his strong passion for painting. He left his engineering career to become a student of the famous critic, artist and director, teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts, theater and cinematography, Nikolai Akimov. After leaving Russia in 1978 with his family, Tulipov lived and worked in Paris. They arrived in the US in 1979. His first show in New York was in March 1980. Since then, he has had numerous exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong. The trademarks of Tulip’s works include – the logic in his works, the accuracy of his tiny brush strokes, his fascination with the world and his secrets. He does not differ much from an extremely skilled surgeon who performs very complex operations. There is so much in one picture that its objects can be rightly considered pictures by themselves, but it would be a defeat for the artist’s goal, which is to create a harmonious world and complicated in its simplicity, a world that exists in his imagination. Reality, despite this – the illusionist style of the artist remains elusive and everything, except the irresistible desire to make discoveries for yourself!