Form and No. Form

Form and No.Form is a reference to the diffraction of light, material and how it relates to ones personal experience. Four Artists from three generations come together in this single moment using pictoral languages by which to communicate. The dialogue that unfolds between their pieces becomes a work of art itself in a temporal moment that would otherwise not exist. A dialogue that brings to light different experiences, themes and geographical horizons. In this unique moment the artists rely on their art by which to communicate.

This collective exhibition is an extreme experience. The pieces have been carefully chosen to reflect their diverse moments and artistic realities so that they nourish one another in this collective visceral and visual confrontation. The paintings are not used to define their existence but are expressions of themselves. A dialectic relationship ensues focusing on the contrasts and similarites of color, space volume and voids that come into being through materiality and evanescence.

Although the works have different origins they all have a common thread; Form and No.Form. To this point, Form and No.Form exemplifies a process and puts into perspective the tensions between simple and complex sentiments. The aim is to highlight the different connotations and intimate stories that are then left to the interpretation of the viewer’s focus as to how the works were conceived, what they transmit and with what force.

These factors become clear by closer observation. As with music, the visual arts don’t bear a single indisputable interpretation or a single point of view. On the contrary, they are open to a multitude of metaphors and constructs based on individual experience and personal contemplations. For this reason the narrative is left to the visitor. The exhibition is brought to life through diffraction, diversity and the eyes of the individual spectator.